Career Counseling

The Process

First Meeting:
  • Meet and Greet
  • Identify interests
    • "What was your major"?
    • "What do you want to do"?
    • "What is your passion"?
  • Review of resume
    • "What needs to be included"?
    • "What should it look like"?
  • Review of internships
  • What progress have you made in your job search?
  • Diagnostic skill assessment
Second Meeting:
  • Review of diagnostic skill assessment
    • "How do your skills match the positions in the industry"?
  • Finalize resume
  • Review cover letter
  • How to navigate the industry to reach target companies. Provide name and address of appropriate contact at target companies.
  • Networking
Third Meeting:
  • Interviewing skills/Role Play
  • How to handle a phone interview
  • Presentation skills
  • Thank you note/follow up etiquette
On Going:
  • Feedback on job interviews
  • Evaluating the job offer-"Is it a good fit"?
  • Negotiation skills
  • Integration into the new company
  • Seek and utilize a mentor
  • Set goals for your future

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